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25 Social Media Content Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Coming up with social media content can be overwhelming (and time consuming) and with the long list of other to-dos creating your content calendar can easily slip and become a last minute stressor. I have put together a list of ideas for content that you can share today that will add value to your social media.

  1. Share your mission and vision statements

  2. Share goals for the new year

  3. Share program overview (what, why, who, how)

  4. Introduce your staff

  5. Spotlight your volunteers

  6. Spotlight key donors

  7. Share statistics monthly to show impact

  8. Tell client stories

  9. Marketing upcoming events

  10. Solicit donations

  11. Call for volunteers

  12. Call for in-kind donations

  13. Post inspiration quotes from clients/staff/donors/board members

  14. Share a link to a news story your organization was highlighted in

  15. Share a link to a news story that is relevant to your work/mission

  16. Share a link to your blog post/content

  17. Offer a tip to the community

  18. Share a ‘behind-the scenes’ of an aspect of your work

  19. Share a ‘throwback Thursday’ post

  20. Share a success story you are proud of

  21. Share an impact level to connect a donation level to a need

  22. Host a live to share a big announcement with your audience

  23. Host a live to interview a partner agency on how you co-benefit each other

  24. Ask your audience to subscribe to your email/newsletter list

  25. Share a fact about your organizations history

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